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Forward Thinking Entrepreneurial Spirit across Diverse Sectors

Bahadvr Group Holdings is a private family office focused on achieving a diverse asset base and Investment portfolio.

We are a private company investing in a broad range of projects across the U.K. and beyond.
We fund our investments through international capital markets, derivatives or equity based investments leveraging on seasoned realtionships made with pension funds, institutions and family offices. 
We invest across diverse and alternative asset classes capturing trending markets. Our focus lies with the UK property market, Future Technologies and Green Energy

Our current portfolio includes a range of Property Development Projects, Hotels Acquisitions, Future Technologies within the Virtual Reaity and DataCentre Space, HealthFoods, Renewable Energy to include a national rollout of 5000+ EV Electric Vehicles and Growth Equity.

Our mission is to incubate and deliver high quality companies primed for IPO that carry our unique vision and professionalism. We create value in all our projects providing high growth Strategies and implementation.​

Our efforts grow companies and support local economies.

Ishmael Bahadur
Founder CEO



£200m Bond Structures
in Process



£50m GDV in Property 
Development Portfolio




300 Keys in the UK Luxury Hotel Market



VR / AR / Ai and EV startups combined

IPO £1bn Target 




Helping Disadvantaged Children and Addressing the Climate Emergency 

Group Portfolio



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Investment Banking

Bahadvr Group Holdings works with major capital markets across the world in funding property and infrastructure development projects across the UK and beyond, 

Our relationships have been forged over many years to gain the respect with many Banks, Institutions, Family offices and Sovereign wealth funds affording us the capability to raise capital efficiently through Derivatives, Bond Structures, Debt, Mezzanine and Private Equity.

Abstract Architecture

Property Development / Hotels

We focus on a diverse range of Property Projects that are currently trending which mitigate risk and provide maximum profitablility.


Our Property Projects target a number of sectors to include Luxury Homes in Niche Markets, Affordable Housing whist building gated communities implementing intelligence in design using modern structures around individual environments. 


We are also focusing on Exclusive Golf and Leisure Resorts, Hotels and Mixed used Commercial Retail complexes within the UK.      

Future Tech, IOT & Blockchain

We are leading the way in future technologies, investing in R&D and solutions to help accclerate our future.


In particular we are focused on Virtual Reality VR, Augmented Reality AR, Artificial Intelligence Ai, IOT, Datacente technology and BlockChain.


Our current portfolio includes Mymall, The Worlds 1st Virtual Reality Shopping System designed to redefine the online shopping experience.

Vyooo is a multi viewer platform with the capability to broadcast live VR to over 10 millions viewers in 8k resolution.                            


WipCar EV Investment

Bahadvr Group Holdings is dedicated to rolling out high spec electric vehicles across the UK in an attempt to not only increase sustainability, but also reduce the carbon footprint.


Our WipCar program is targeted to provide 5000 cars nationally so our customers can drive city to city for as little as £3.99 per hour. 


By hitting our projected 300,000 customer within 3 years we can save over 1 million tons of carbon dioxide entering our atmosphere.    

For a greener tomorrow

VR / AR / Ai and EV startups combined

IPO £1bn Target 


EV Renewables Green Energy

Our objective is to help consumer awareness in todays Climate Emergency and promote the switching to Greener Energy sources.

There are over 3 million UK consumers that can benefit from lower energy bills which we can target over the next 5 years.

Our Group is also looking to invest into Solar and Greener Energy supply into large commerical consumption such as datacentres, Airports and Logistics across the UK.

Eco Friendly Buildings

Health Foods

We aim to deliver the complex message in todays society about obesity and the importance in eating healthy and changing our lifestyles to help sustain a better way of life. 

Diabetes costs the UK Govt over £3bn a year. 

Salad Central is our concept desing to roll out across the UK and promoting the message of healthy eating Healthy Living. 

It is a fun and creative fast food solution that allows the consumer to be the Chef and choose form over 200 natural healthy and delicious ingredients


Bahadvr Foundation

Bahadvr Foundation's objective is to raise money collected from profitable opportunities within the group and use these funds in the running and development of projects designed to help children.

We look to provide sustainable education for children in need as our priority. We want to help responsible people with good life skills developed in their own home country.

As part of our plan we are also looking to open Summer camps in the UK to help children with Autism and learning difficulties.


Current Activities & Interests

Bahadvr Group Holdings is a private family office focused on achieving a diverse asset base and Investment porfolio.

We are a private company investing in a broad range of projects across the UK and beyond. We fund our projects through international capital markets via derivatives or equity based investment through pension funds, large institutions and individuals and EIS.

Our mission is to deliver High Quality Projects and Opportunties that carry our unique vision and professionalism. We Create Value in all our projects providing High Growth Strategies and implementation.

We Invest across the Diverse and Alternative Asset Classes and capture trending markets to include Property Development, Hotels and Leisure Development and Acquisitons, Future Technologies, Healthcare, Health Foods, Green Renewable Energy and Growth Equity.

Current Portfolio & Capitalisation

Providence Gate Group Holdings
Equity: 30%
Activity: Property Development
Valuation: £600m Projects in Process
Investment Vehicle: Capital Markets 
Exit: Sales of Projects
Term: 5 yrs 

Launch 2022
Equity: 95%
Activity: Virtual Reality Broadcast Platform 
Valuation: £5m
Investment Vehicle: EIS + Investors
Exit: IP0 £500m
Term: 5 yrs 

Launch 2022
Equity: 100%
Activity: Electric Vehicle Mobility 
Valuation: £15m
Investment Vehicle: EIS + Investors
Exit: IP0 £750m
Term: 5 yrs 

Equity: 90%
Activity: Health Foods Retail 
Valuation: £3m
Investment Vehicle: Self Funded
Exit: Sale £150m
Term: 5 yrs 

MyMall Europe
Equity: 100%
Activity: Virtual Reality Shopping Platform 
Valuation: £3m
Investment Vehicle: EIS + Self Funded
Exit: IP0 £50m
Term: 5 yrs

Our Efforts and Grow Companies and Support Local Economies.



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